it shouldn’t be this difficult

I started a new job in January. My insurance coverage didn’t take effect until April 1st. I take Humira twice a month for my Crohn’s and I still had two injections left, but I should’ve set things in motion for my prescription transfer sooner than I did. Because now I haven’t had any for 6 weeks, and I’m feeling it.

The first thing I noticed was the joint pain — which is not impossible, even when I’m on my meds. One of my finger joints might blow up for a day or two, no biggie.  This weekend it became more of a generalized achy-ness, like I was coming down with the flu. But not exactly the flu — there was also a weird feeling of agitation and restlessness combined with lethargy and lack of motivation for just about anything. Sitting still and feeling like I’m vibrating at the same time.

I couldn’t put my finger on it until I realized oh right, I haven’t had a Humira injection for 6 weeks, because I don’t FUCKING HAVE ANY. Because it took a month to get through the insurance bureaucracy to prove that I needed it, even though I’ve been taking it for seven years. I had to start all over with a new insurance company (actually the same insurance company but that doesn’t matter because new employer/new plan means all my previous history is irrelevant unless they can use it against me, I suppose), a new pharmacy, a new specialty pharmacy (because some drugs are more special than others, and by special I mean HELLA EXPENSIVE) and prior authorizations and back and forth.

They called me on Friday to tell me everything had been approved so they needed to schedule a delivery time — I can’t just go to the drugstore and pick it up. It’s specialness requires it to be shipped overnight. Naturally I was unable to answer the call because I had the nerve to be away from my phone and didn’t get the voicemail until after they had closed for the night on a holiday weekend. Yay!

I called first thing this morning and my medication should be arriving tomorrow. We shall see. I feel like a junkie waiting for a fix.

As health care access problems in the United States go, this is pretty small potatoes, but just one example of its general pain-in-the-ass-ness.


it shouldn’t be this difficult

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  1. Jackie W. says:

    I’ll just bet that, on top of everything you mentioned already, you probably pay out the aye-hole for your insurance premium in the first place.

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