It’s a weird thing. . .

. . . when you’ve worked somewhere for 17 years and then suddenly you have an end date. It’s less than a month away, yet it doesn’t feel quite real yet. I try to imagine not going to that office every day and it’s freeing but also terrifying. That’s a long time in one place, especially in the economic world of the last 10 years. Not that this place is remotely like it used to be. In a way I have worked for a few different companies over those 17 years, as one parent company gave way to another and to another and each made their own changes. But at the root, the work was always more or less the same.

The last time I did any serious job interviewing was in 2007-2008, right before the economy collapsed. Do I remember how to do it anymore? I was never particularly good at it even at the best of times. And now it’s a completely different process — online portfolio, resume populated with the proper keywords, etc. I suppose “knowing the right people” is something that never changes. That’s always been my favored tactic and I suppose I’ll make use of it now.

My brain has started making plans for my upcoming time off, but ultimately the ideal is to have as little time off as possible. My financial wiggle room is not endless. The bills will all still be due, whether or not I’m getting a paycheck. I dream of taking classes, getting more regular exercise, doing volunteer work, and even doing some deep cleaning/organizational stuff at home. But getting another job will have to be my primary goal. Or in absence of that, finding a box of money somewhere.

I’m so glad I took my trip to Italy when I did. If I hadn’t, then I would feel obliged to postpone it in an attempt to be practical, and then who knows when I would be able to go. It feels like a bookmark in a way, my reward at the end of an era, and a new one is about to begin.

It’s a weird thing. . .