Majesty & Magic

I always feel like I’m terrible at talking about music. I love it so much, but words fail me when I try to express why. I flounder around and words pour out of me but I’m never sure I’m communicating what I’m feeling.

My friend Dawn & I went to see Low last night, and they’re so very amazing and beautiful, and I have such a hard time explaining them. The easiest thing to explain is the harmonies. Alan & Mimi’s voices are each beautiful on their own, but when they sing together it’s transcendent. There’s usually at least one moment during a concert where I’m holding back tears because my heart is squeezed and overflowing. When I listen on my iPod I have to remember not to sing out loud along with them when I’m in public, because my voice is a train wreck that no one needs to hear. But it’s hard to resist because there’s something that compels me to be part of the song. I envy their voices and their unity in the music. To be married to someone you can make music with and sing so beautifully with is rare.

There’s a lot of darkness and melancholy in their lyrics and melodies that counteract the beauty of the harmonies, and the instrumentation is so minimal that there’s no place to hide. It all feels very bare and open and unmasked.

This song is a guaranteed goosebumps outbreak.

Sometimes their songs sound like they’ve been handed down through generations, like hymns, like lullabies. Like songs you learned from your grandparents, except maybe for the lyrics about drugs & death.  I suppose it depends on your grandparents.

Majesty & Magic

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