The first 20.

So it would appear I have lost 20 pounds.

Such is the amount of weight I would like to lose that 20 pounds is barely noticeable. I don’t think I look particularly different. I can take my belt down a notch if I want to. Or I can leave it in its original position and be slightly more comfortable (which is what I chose to do today.)

But 20 pounds isn’t nothing. It’s like carrying around a 1-year-old. Or my fat cat Chucho. Or a hefty shopping bag of groceries. If you handed me one of those things and said, “Here, you have to carry this around for the foreseeable future and you can’t ever put it down,” I’d be less than thrilled. But I have put it down for now.

I can’t resist adding the “for now” to the end of that sentence because I’m still firmly ambivalent about this and have no confidence in any long-term success. It’s working now. It may or may not continue to work. This is still the easy part. It’s only going to get harder.

The first 20.