Weather Superior

Whenever there’s an extreme weather situation, or some kind of natural disaster-type occurrence in a place where it doesn’t usually happen, you can guaranteed that the following conversation will happen thousands of times:

Person 1: Oh my God, that was crazy! I was scared!
Person 2: Big deal, that happens here all the time! You’re such a wimp!

Wherever you live, if you’ve lived there for more than a few years, you’re better equipped to handle certain weather situations more than others: northerners laugh when the south shuts down after they get an inch of snow. Southerners laugh when we in the north complain about it being 100 degrees once in awhile. People on the east coast mock the west coast for shivering in 50-degree weather. And the west coasters shrugged when everyone on the east coast flipped out about the recent earthquake. Some hurricane veterans scoffed at the eastern seaboard’s fear of the approaching Irene. “Oh, it’s only a category 1, that’s like a bad rainstorm.” Well, maybe not. Ask Vermont.

Is this a tribal thing — the need to believe that your group of people is superior because you’ve survived a certain kind of hardship more often than others? That you’re stronger because an earthquake/hurricane/flood/tornado doesn’t scare you? I guess it’s human nature to need to feel superior, but don’t get too cocky about it, because Mother Nature’s probably got something up her sleeve that will make YOU pee your pants one day.

Weather Superior