wondering. . .

I look at the stats for my meager little blog once a day, and lately I’ve been noticing odd websites that are supposedly “referrers.” Kind of a spammy “financial advice” website, and a lame “hollywood gossip” website, among others. I look at their pages, and can find no reference to my blog, and there’s no reason for them to have a reference to me. So I wonder how that works exactly.

Most days I get two or three “legitimate” hits (i.e., they came from my Twitter link, or someone I know who subscribes, or Google searches that actually make sense) But then the other day I had 39 hits, and they all came from one of these websites.

Is there anything problematic about this, or is it just par for the course? Does everyone get links from random garbagey websites?

wondering. . .

2 thoughts on “wondering. . .

  1. I’ve noticed that with the Rigor Mortis blog. I had 123 hits one day…from Romania. Last week I was seemingly linked from two sex sites. I can’t quite figure out how that all works.

  2. I looked at mine and, other than you and a tiny handful of others, that’s where all my hits seem to come from… especially since my blog went on hiatus *grin*

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