“it’s always more fun when nobody dies.” – James Murphy


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Last night my friend Rachel and I went to Milwaukee to see LCD Soundsystem at The Rave/Eagles Club. It was AMAZING. Totally worth the two-hour drive and the McDonald’s dinner beforehand. And the $25 parking.

This club looks like an old WWII-era ballroom, it’s in really good condition. They have two concert spaces and there was a band called “Five Finger Death Punch” playing in the smaller space, which seemed to account for the high percentage of metalheads hanging around. I didn’t think LCD had a large metal fanbase, but I thought, “Well hey, it’s Milwaukee, who knows?” But once inside the theater we sorted ourselves into the appropriate subcategories: metalheads to the left, hipsters to the right.

Rachel and I had spent the extra ten bucks on “VIP Balcony” tickets, not really knowing what that would mean because neither of us had been there before, but ten bucks, who cares, right? It turned out to be a GREAT investment, because we had seats in the front row of the balcony. A perfect view, even if we weren’t right up front. (Which was the right idea, with all the crowd-surfing going on later.) I think it was getting pretty suffocated up there, too — a couple of times James asked everyone to move back to ease up on the people in the front. Which is when he said, “It’s always more fun when nobody dies.” Indeed.

They played about everything I could’ve hoped for (aside from playing their entire recorded catalog), opening with “Dance Yrself Clean” (a perfect show-opening song, starting off so slow and quiet and then halfway through exploding into colossal beats).

Also on the set list, but not necessarily in this order:
Drunk Girls
Get Innocuous!
Daft Punk is Playing at My House
All My Friends
I Can Change
You Wanted a Hit
Yr City’s a Sucker
Someone Great
Losing My Edge

I may be forgetting one or two. The only thing really missing for me was “North American Scum.”

I shot about five minutes of video during “Yeah,” because it was SO epic, but the sound is really blown out so it’s hard to listen to. Ah well. I got a few halfway decent pictures, but we were too far away to get anything really good.

More photos at flickr.

“it’s always more fun when nobody dies.” – James Murphy